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  1. Shadowgirl May 29, 2012

    Losing all control of my anime fan-girling.... *robotic voice* shutting down... rebooting... anyway i missed the group hi's to everyone here

  2. yothsothgoth May 10, 2012

    Gets quiet here. ^_^' Not much going on lately. Been busy with my job, so I haven't been here in awhile. Hope everyone has been doing well. :D Welcome all new members!

  3. mbeckley Oct 23, 2010

    Thnx for accepting me! Hi everyone! XD

    merged: 04-24-2011 ~ 01:10am
    Hey. How is everyone? :)

  4. kayo04 Oct 19, 2010

    I really trying to get in here and do some layout. But school has been taking my energy these past weeks. I really want to do something about this page.

  5. yothsothgoth Oct 05, 2010

    You are most welcome here. :D Half-breed fans unite! XD

  6. mbeckley Sep 02, 2010

    This is a kind group to join~ ^^

  7. kayo04 Aug 17, 2010

    wow it really dead. I want to do something with this group but I just don't have time.

  8. yothsothgoth Feb 25, 2010

    Welcome new members to our wonderful group!

  9. kayo04 Feb 04, 2010

    @yothsothgoth finals was ok. I didn't do so well. I doing fine though.

    Welcome 3m3rald-o9 , i know is kind of dead. i don't know what to do with the group. not this moment that is.

  10. 3m3rald-o9 Jan 14, 2010

    -_+> thanks for accepting me.. ^^
    -_+> hi to the admins and all the members..!
    -_+> take care.. ^^

  11. yothsothgoth Jan 13, 2010

    How did finals go?

    ...suggestions for the group... right now I don't have any... >_<

  12. kayo04 Dec 29, 2009

    @angelxxuan thanks for your comment. I just got back from the funeral. Tired and sad.

    I need someone to help this group. Have any suggestion or ideas?

  13. angelxxuan Banned Member Dec 22, 2009

    kayo it may be late but sorry about your loss of interest, I know the feeling when it comes to death...but I thought I'd rejoin and the likes so hey

  14. kayo04 Dec 17, 2009

    in currently in finals and one of my family member pass away. after all that i gonna gonna make some change to here

  15. yothsothgoth Dec 15, 2009

    You are now a member. :D Welcome!

    Yes... he will be missed.
    He's the second person from MiniTokyo that I knew that died...

  16. simply-5th-heirloom Dec 11, 2009

    i've already applied,

    but i got quite confused...

    am i part of this group?

  17. kayo04 Oct 17, 2009

    to all my dear friend and member. Forgive me for not be active. I just found out what happen to orpheuz. What fool of me. He no longer here. He was my Co-Adim. He the one that made the layout for this one and first one. Now he gone.

    yothsothgoth, Neither-World is not gone. I just kind lost interest in MT for a while.

    merged: 12-04-2009 ~ 06:19am
    that sad. Found out links for the bio are gone. just prefect all those hard work are gone. I should have save them when I have the chances.

  18. yothsothgoth Aug 05, 2009

    Hey... anyone still there?
    I've got some new scans to add to the group.

  19. nisnoopy3 Apr 12, 2009

    Hi NW!

    I'm here to tell you all a great thanks for having orpheuz around. A thread is made in memorial of him as one of the greatest person in MiniTokyo. I thank you all for taking good care of him for us. Thank you Neither-world. For he was the most precious person we had ever met!


  20. angelxxuan Banned Member Mar 25, 2009

    I have been busy myself but now I believe I'm ready to "settle around" a bit, rather missed groups myself

  21. yothsothgoth Mar 10, 2009

    Poke... poke.... I think everyone's been so busy lately. >_<

    Welcome davidtrevino and meanpunk7777 to the group! :D

  22. kayo04 Jan 06, 2009

    yeap pretty much I don't know what to do to make this group active again... any ideas

  23. Inuyasha2007 Dec 30, 2008

    So dead in here... <<'

  24. meanpunk7777 Oct 30, 2008

    don't known what this is about...oh well.

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